When Christian Dior bagged diaper bags, diaper retailers responded

A bag with a Christian Diol bag and a diaper bag together has become a staple for many people.

But now some diaper retailers are reacting to the trend with a diaper-free bag for the entire family.

According to the diaper retailer Urban Outfitters, its diapers for sale now come with two bags: a diaper and a baby-care bag.

Urban Outfits diaper bag comes in four colors, and the other two bags are available in different colors.

When it comes to diapers, it is also the case that diapers for the baby are also available with a child-care item in them.

That diaper bag is often called a “baby diaper.”

In this case, Urban Outfits diaper bag has the word “baby” on the front, and it says, “Baby Diaper for All Ages.”

The other two diapers are for toddlers and preschoolers, and both of them come in three different colors: blue, pink and white.

The baby diaper bag features the word, “Child-proof” and the baby’s name.

The diapers are available at Urban Outlets stores nationwide, and they will be on sale for $18 each.