Google unveils new Scout bags for scouted hunters

Google has launched two new scout bags that it says will help hunters find the best spot to hunt, but one has already been seized by authorities.

Vera Bradley, the co-founder of the popular Scout bags, said on Twitter she is currently in the process of taking a third bag to Canada for a review.

“It’s a huge honor to finally be able to bring Scout bags to Canada,” Bradleys said.

The Scout bags have been made by Swiss firm Veras, which makes them in-house.

They include a hooded backpack, a waterproof jacket, a bag that fits inside the backpack and a waterproof raincoat. 

The hooded jacket, which can hold up to four litres of water, has been designed for hunting in cold weather.

The raincoat, designed for wearing in the rain, has a hood that covers most of the face.

The Scouts bags have a total weight of 4.4 kilograms (8.5 pounds), which Bradnes said was smaller than the average backpack.

“I’ve been working on this for a while and I’ve been thinking about this for some time,” she said.

“My husband, my dad, they have all been asking me about this since I started this.” 

Bridley said she had been working to build Scout bags that would work with the new Canadian Outdoor Trade Association guidelines, but that the Scouts rules still needed to be followed.

“In the US, we do not have to follow these guidelines, we can still be outdoors. 

We are just not allowed to wear the Scout jackets,” she told CBC News.”

So we have to get the Scout jacket, and then we have this bag that we can carry on the trail.” 

“I think this will change the landscape of what we can do in the field and what we need to do as hunters.” 

In order to be considered a Scout bag, it must meet certain requirements including a minimum weight of 3.3 kilograms (7.8 pounds), an inner-ventilated hood with mesh panels, an outer-ventilating rain jacket and a water-repellent jacket with a hood and raincoat for each person. 

Bradleys also said that the Scout bags could be used for hunting while on the move and that they would be available in the US.

“The Scouts rules will allow for this and we will be launching these in the next few months,” she wrote.

“If you are in the area and want to hunt in Canada, we want to hear from you.”

In the meantime, she said she was working on developing a third Scout bag.