A bag of drawstring bags, which can be filled to the brim with a lot of items, has been found in a shed at a property in the UK

A bag full of drawstrings can be found in the shed of a property on the Isle of Wight.

The property on Pembrokeshire’s West Coast was bought in 2010 for £4.5million and the owner of the property told the BBC that the drawstring was used to hold things in place and to protect the property from rainwater.

However, a spokesman for the property owners told the newspaper the drawstrings were not the source of the problems.

The spokesman said the house had been flooded with rain in the past two years, and the draw string bag contained items including a few pieces of clothing and a small amount of cash.

He said the bag had been discovered by a neighbour who was visiting the property after it had been washed away by the waves.

He added: “The draw string bags were used to secure the items in place, which is why the house has been flooded.”

It was a very nice property and we thought it would be a nice idea to add some drawstring to the property, and we just thought we would.

“In a statement the property owner said: “We’re glad it’s not a huge number of items in the draw strings, but we do want to make sure they’re secure and secure well, so they’re not being swept away by waves and we’re trying to keep things in their place.

“We just thought it was a nice way to make a tidy profit on the property.”