Tory leader says he’s not running again

BUMPING back from the end of his leadership in favour of running again, Tory leader Michael Gove has said he will be ready to step into the void.

In a defiant interview with The Times, Mr Gove said he was ready to stand up for the people he had lost to the “deep state” and fight for a more progressive future for Britain.

The former Tory leader’s comments came as Mr Gampy and fellow Tory Michael Gower, who have been leading the race to be Tory leader, released a statement saying they had “no intention of backing down”.

In his interview with the Times, the former education secretary said he had been a “long time member” of the Conservative party but felt he had “lost his way” as he was “unable to stand for office”.

He said: “I’m still in the same position I was in in the 1980s.

I have to say, my time has come to go and do it, but I have no intention of doing it.”

Mr Gove, who is a staunch Eurosceptic and is the former home secretary, said he would not be taking a seat in parliament and would not hold any “sensible position” for the next parliament.

“I don’t see what the point is of going and holding an MP’s job and trying to get on to the stage where you are the leader of the party and then having to leave politics,” he said.

“The people of this country have no interest in me holding a seat, they are in a state of revolt against me.”

Mr Trump’s victory in the presidential election has seen the Conservatives and Labour parties begin to move towards forming a government.

Mr Goyal, who led the opposition to the former prime minister, is hoping to lead a new, pro-business government.

But the leader has faced criticism for his handling of the Brexit vote and his handling during the EU referendum campaign.

“We were in the middle of Brexit and I did everything I could, I did nothing,” he told the paper.

“There were so many other people in this room and I felt it was time to get out of the way.”

Mr Cameron’s resignation has also triggered the prospect of a snap election, which has the potential to cause major turmoil.