How to clean up after a big smell

The biggest stink of the week came from an unlikely source: a bag of smelling proof bags.

The bag of 100,000 bags, the first of its kind, has a scentproof coating on the inside that’s designed to help you smell even when the bag isn’t in use.

It’s not cheap, but its price tag means you might want to consider it for a long haul.

Read moreHere are the facts about the smell proof bag:The scentproof bag was designed to be used for long haul trips to and from work and for travel in hot climates.

It was designed by an Italian company called L’Avventura, which is also the maker of the popular odor-proof bag, the M-100.

The bags have a “super-scent” that works on both the inside and outside of the bag, which means that you can smell it even when it’s not being worn.

If you’re looking for a scent-proof travel bag, this is a great option.