Prada bag: A new Prada story from the back of the closet

The bag Prada put its name on is the most iconic piece of luggage in the brand’s history, and it’s made of a durable plastic and has a design that’s a little bit on the retro side.

It’s also one of the only Prada bags with a real, true retro feel to it.

Prada announced the new bag Thursday, and as with many announcements from the brand, the details were very, very sparse.

It was only revealed in the company’s official product blog post and on Twitter, which you can see below.

The post describes the bag as a “pristine-featured, vintage-inspired capsule that’s been made to fit the needs of today’s modern woman.”

While Prada has previously talked about the bag’s origins, the blog post mentions that the brand has “found its own identity as a modern women’s brand that celebrates timeless style and elegance.”

There is no indication what kind of a capsule it will be, but if you’re a collector of old Prada fashion, this might be a very interesting one.

Pradagrada bags are made by a company called Prada-Dietrich, which makes a lot of classic and vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

While we don’t know much about the Prada brand’s future, it looks like the PradAGRADA capsule could be a good place to start if you want to find a vintage Prada capsule.

You can read more about the capsule and other Prada collections on our blog.