Punching bag: An Indian invention that helps people survive in the rain

An Indian company is hoping to make it easier for people to carry around an expensive tool, like a hammer or an ice pick, without having to carry it all the time.

Aurangabad-based Punja Bag has created a lightweight totebag that can be used in different situations, such as as to transport groceries or to keep an eye on the family pets.

“There are some situations where you want to carry a tool, but if you are going to have to use it, then it should be lightweight and light,” said the CEO of Punja bag Srinivas Bhatia.

The totebags can be easily packed and transported in a backpack and can be stored in a pocket, he said.

The company plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon to raise funds for production.

The campaign aims to raise $5,000.

The idea is to give people the option of using a lighter and cheaper tool, instead of a hammer and pick.

“You can be in the field and find something you need.

The idea is that the user should not have to carry anything.

He/she can just carry a lighter,” Bhati said.

“When they use the lighter, it’s much easier for them to carry.

You can have more options and more options are better than the ones that we have now.

It’s a lot more convenient.”

The company also plans to offer different types of tote bags for different situations.

For instance, the company has launched a range of lightweight leather totebags for people who are working out or who need extra cushioning.

It also sells other lightweight leather bags for people with more expensive equipment like the hammer and knife.

The company is currently testing the product in India.