What are your favourite perfume brands?

Celine Bag is one of the most sought after perfume brands for the women who love perfume, and the scent of the bag is known for its smell proof qualities. 

A scent proof bag is made of cotton that is completely odor proof and can only be removed after being washed. 

Celine Bag has been in the fragrance world for decades and the brand is known to be a great value, but the price tag of a $200 smell proof bag seems to have got people excited. 

If you like perfume, but you can’t afford the scent proof option, you might want to consider Celine’s Punching Bag, which is a $150 scent proof fragrance bag. 

 Celsie Bag has had many successful fragrance campaigns in the past, including The Fragrance Chronicles, The Fragrance Adventures of Coco, The New Fragrance, The Fashion Chronicles, The New Fragrances, The Naughty & Nice Fragrance, The Lush Fragrant, The Smell & Taste Fragrants, and The Beauty Chronicles. 

The brand is based in Paris, France, and is one that many women love to use in their fragrances. 

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