Binuatan products

Natural grasses and fibers are the main components in a Binuatan Creations product.

Natural fibers are either a type of grass or straw like amumuting grass, or a material like buntal that is extracted from the leaf stalk of the Buri palm tree.

These fibers are dyed and woven in to a fiber textile, before they are sewed in to a product like a handbag.

Some products are made from stiffer plant fiber, but a product like a Binuatan wallet or handbag, is made from more flexible fibers like Abaca or Buntal.

Some have components of Tikog and other grass flowers that also are more flexible.

The Binuatan production 

 Raw Materials

The process of making a Binuatan product start by collecting the best materials for   it from local farmers and others in the area around Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

We collect Amumuting grass, Vetiver grass, Buntal, Tikog, Talahib among others and make sure the quality is excellent.



After bringing the raw material to our production facility, we add color to these fibers through a process of dyeing them. 


After the fibers are taken out of the dyeing that they are washed and dried in the sun. When they are properly dried,they are given to the weavers that make them in to various textiles.

After they are made in to naturals fiber textiles they are handed to our sewers that make them in to curtains, slippers and other products that you can see in detail here on our website.